Recent projects

  • Patea Spillway Raising

    This 3 month job in 2010 was to raise the Spillway on the Patea Dam. This was our first project for TrustPower and involved the raising of 110m of spillway by 1m to achieve a 1 in 10,000 year flood compliance. This small project delivered well, led to MAP Projects being chosen by TrustPower to build the Esk Hydro scheme...

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  • Patea Dam Downstream Toe Repair

    This 3 month job in 2014 for TrustPower was to repair the downstream toe of the Dam that was damaged in a big rain event and consisted of cut and fill earthworks and borrowing and placing Riprap.

    The downstream toe was “landlocked” by the overhead transmission lines and the powerhouse penstocks and required an innovative idea to lower a trolley down the face of the dam. The work method delivered a great project outcome safely...

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  • Rangipo Tunnel Repair

    In 2010 MAP Projects was the first contractor to successfully complete the dewatering of the 40m deep, 4. 5m diameter and 3km Rangipo Outfall tunnel in over 30 years. The Project for Genesis Energy and was completed in 8 days as part of a 14 day planned shut...

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  • Rangipo Dam Intake Repairs & Flow on Projects

    This project for Genesis in 2010 involved dewatering the spillway basin and diverting river flows around the work area. The basin was then cleaned and damaged reinforcing steel removed. Starter bars were drilled and epoxied and mesh placed prior to a 300mm thick protective concrete slab being poured...

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