Ardmore Military Training Area Boundary Fence Upgrade

In early August 2020 MAP Projects finished the construction of some 13km of deer fencing along the Ardmore Military Training Area (AMTA) boundary and a fully automated gate at the entry to the training facility, for the New Zealand Defence Force.

This was a project in support of impending statutory requirements for the Auckland Council’s regional pest management plan and to improve security of the training area.

The area covers a large area of hard, steep terrain that runs through dense bush and the occasional boggy creek. In one particular section we had to use a helicopter to get supplies to the site. Work crews on this section of fence line were walking around 1.5km into the site (which would be better described as climbing to site) while also lugging in tools and equipment with them.

MAP Projects’ delivery of this project increased the asset value of the area, protects the general public from training activities and is working well to help the NZDF achieve “Zero Density Deer”. Our clients were extremely pleased with the outcome sending an unsolicited email to say:

“The MAP team have been absolutely awesome and the work is outstanding with lots of positive comments around the base”.