State Highway 36 Oropi Gorge Rd Emergency Slip Repair

There were two key reasons why MAP Projects was awarded this project. The first was our commitment to deliver the emergency retaining wall by Christmas 2017 (which we achieved), there was just 5 weeks available for the physical work. The second reason was our methodology and price which allowed a traffic lane to remain open at all times, by strategic placement of the 90t Crawler Crane.

The 12m sheetpiles were driven into Ash and toed into 2-3MPa materials using our 90t Crawler crane and 46 tie back anchors to 8m depth were drilled, grouted and tested over a two week period from a mancage to make the project a success. Significantly this project was the 3rd highest risk in the NZTA portfolio across the country and ongoing vibration monitoring of the Tauranga water trunk main was required to ensure there was no catastrophic failure. The completion of some $700K of work was completed in just 4 weeks (sheetpiles supplied by Client).