Marsden Cove Commercial Boat Ramp

This project in Northland involved drilling reinforced concrete bored piles, sheet-piling, construction and placement of precast concrete panels, with work completed up to 2.5m below low tide.

  • Sheetpile cofferdam and dewatering to 2.5m below low tide to place and stitch the precast sections of the boat ramp. Also installed and maintained silt curtain throughout construction period to comply with NRC resource consent.
  • Drilling and installation of bored piles to 6.5m depth with the bottom 3m below tide level. These were completed using temporary casings, the 30 number piles were completed over a 2 week period
  • 15 number large (12t) precast concrete slabs were formed by MAP staff and stack cast onsite minimizing the work area required. All wall (up to 2.4m high) and floor (375mm thick) sections above low tide were poured in-situ.
  • MAPs’ new 90T Kobelco Crawler Crane completed placement of the precast panels. The crane is capable of placing panels of this size to approximately 20m radius