Esmerelda Street Flood Mitigation

MAP Projects was engaged by Tauranga City Council to complete a fiddly floodwall and flood mitigation project on a negotiated basis. The Esmeralda Flood Mitigation Project involved the placement of some 168m of Redi-rock flood wall up to 4m in height.

The works also included the placement of significant areas of rock protection, stream channeling Gabion baskets and services locations. Completed in a very confined residential neighborhood and in and around a live stream with strict resource consent requirements.

MAP managed significant water ingress challenges during excavations. These included a previously unknown subsoil drain being encountered when the wall footing was excavated, and the challenges of excavating a wall footing in close proximity to an existing tidal stream. Water ingress led to secondary challenges of managing possible collapse of the excavations. MAP managed the water challenges by ongoing pumping, local diversion of running water in the excavation, and over-excavating (and subsequent metal backfilling) of the area under the footing.

MAP designed and built a temporary bridge in 3 weeks because the resource consent would not allow a culvert crossing of the stream

The works are a credit to the efforts of Project Manager Jono and Site Manager (Stu Dohrman) and were completed almost to the day on the agreed programme despite many challenges