Tuscan Rise Subdivision Kuratau

This project for Ngai Tahu achieved Project Completion in May 2008. The project involved the construction of a 17 lot rural subdivision including all services.

  • The site is a typical central plateau pumice country and site roads have been designed to drain via swale drains and soak holes. Earthworks – 2,500m³ of cut to spoil topsoil and topsoil and 3500m3 of cut to fill and borrow to fill and 2,500m3 of topsoil strip and replacement. All works were completed under a site specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • Construction of environmental controls is important in pumice works and we were commended by Environment Waikato on our environmental performance. Works also included the construction of over 1km of swale drains and associated soakage pits
  • Pavements & Surfacing – 1.2km of road by 3 to 7 metres wide with a typical pavement consisting of 300mm of modified pumice subbase and 100mm of AP40 basecourse with a grade 3/5 chip seal. The works also involved the installation of over 2000m of kerb.