Recent projects

  • Matawii Water Storage Reservoir

    Matawii Water Storage Reservoir was constructed by MAP for Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust, with the primary objective of supplying Kaikohe with water for irrigation, which will create sustainable employment opportunities in horticulture and agriculture for the surrounding regions. It will also be back up for clean, reliable drinking water

    The reservoir, a zoned embankment structure, stands up to 24 meters high and stretches over 550 meters in length. Given its elevation and proximity to Kaikohe, it is classified as a High PIC reservoir, demanding the highest design, construction, and operational safety standards for the community’s welfare...

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  • Linton Watercourse and Stormwater Network Realignment

    In 2021 MAP Projects completed a swale diversion project for Linton Military Camp. The diversion was required to enable future vertical construction within the camp. Key to the project was the excavation and shaping of 400 metres of swale nearing five metres deep...

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  • Waitangi Stream Remediation and Erosion Protection

    The Waitangi Stream is controlled by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and is used to control levels in Lake Ōkāreka. In late 2017 flows were increased beyond the streams capacity causing major scouring of one stream section, putting houses above at risk and damaging the natural environment.

    The site was accessed via a private road which was owned by a number of concerned land owners...

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  • Paeroa Main Drain inlet upgrade

    This project upgrade works required the supply and installation of precast panels, sheet piles, new screens, and pouring insitu concrete slabs as follows;

    • The work involved excavation and placement of a temporary bunding in the stream reinforced by sheetpile behind. There was a significant volume of excavation, shaping and backfill required on this project and all unsuitable was carted to dump and replaced with better quality quarry material.
    • Construction of new screens, hand rails, gates and access platforms was completed in conjunction with CMC engineering and Coastal Sandblasting...

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  • Onewhero West Pump Station

    This Project for Waikato Regional Council to upgrade the Onewhero West pump station upgrade and included the following:

    • Construction of coffer dam and dewatering of site to facilitate construction work;
    • foundation and piling works to support new structural requirements;
    • upgrade of inlet bay and platform;
    • replacement of inlet screen;
    • minor earthworks upgrade to provide access to the new platform

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  • Ila Place Waste Water Treatment Tanks Upgrade

    This 2014 – 2015 Project for Tauranga City Council consisted of the supply and installation of three 2. 5m diameter by 29m fibreglass tanks, 240 m of sewer pipes and installation of eight concrete manholes, which showed MAPs temporary works design and sheetpile capabilities.

    • The work involved excavation and storage of some 2000m3 of material on the site...

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  • DOC National Trout Centre Sewer Upgrade

    This project in 2009 involved the installation of gravity sewer and pump station within the National Trout Centre Facility at Turangi. From the Pump Station we completed almost 2. 4km of Rising Main sewer back into Turangi

    • Physical works undertaken clearing and construction of a new site access, construction of flood protection bunds and excavations for storage chamber
    • Installed over 290 metres of 150mm sewer pipes to varying grades...

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  • Ohakune Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

    This project in 2007 was completed as the Major subcontractor to Heb Smithbridge, MAP Projects ( formerly Bema) provided Project Management and all plant and labour for river outlet and protection works, earthworks, retaining walls, concrete structures, filter media and gravel access roads.

    • ” Physical works undertaken in a native bush, with a water course through site, and difficult access. Implementation, management and monitoring under detailed site specific Erosion & Sediment control plan and detailed construction methodology resulted in considerably less native bush removal than initially anticipated...

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