The Outdoor Pursuits Centre Bridge

This project in 2009 comprised the construction of a new bridge over the Tawhitikuri Stream at Taurewa. The bridge had been planned over a number of years since the 18.6m beams were saved from a bridge demolition project on the local highway network. MAP Projects applied some of our wide experience to provide an innovative and cost effective construction method and get the project off the ground.

  • Physical works undertaken clearing and construction of a new bridge access, construction of pavements and table drains. Management and monitoring under site specific Erosion & Sediment control plan. Earthworks were relatively minor to facilitate the works
  • ” The piling design was improved to include four 400mm reinforced concrete piles (original design 350 mm SED timbers) to allow penetration through a rock floater level to better materials found below. The depth of piles ranged from 2.7m to over 6m. There were six piles in two rows per abutment and a reinforced concrete abutment was cast to onto these. The abutment beam was 1.5m long 4m wide and 0.8m deep with a 300mm diaphragm between beams.
  • The bridge deck was precast in seven 2.66m by 4m wide panels. These panels have been shop detailed so the cast inserts for lifting, kerb fixing and handrail fixing were standardised for ease of formwork and simplification of setting out. The bridge beams had the original deck still in place and this has been broken back to allow the deck panels to be placed directly.
  • We designed and fabricated an erection truss which could be placed across the stream and carry the 15t I beam across to the far abutment. This process has been adapted from Mark Prater’s large project experience; the truss weighed in at just over four tonne allowing it to be placed with our excavators. The beams were manoeuvred into position using a purpose built 20t Excavator as a drive unit. The beams were lined up with the truss and the load was then transferred to monorails running either side of the truss which carried it to the far abutment. Precast Panels were then placed with our 20t excavator and the panels tied to the beams with an infill pour.