Kotuku Dam Hopua te Nihotetea

MAP expertise in the Water and Hydro Projects saw us awarded the Kotuku Street Storm water Detention Dam in Whangarei for the Northland Regional Council. This project included the installation and concrete encasement of a 2100mm Service Spillway (Concrete Pipe). The facets of the project included some 120,000m3 of earthworks to compete a 20m high by 105m long Dam wall and almost 1300m3 of concrete placed to spillway, retaining wall, inlet and outlet structures. This project further demonstrates MAP’s ability to deliver challenging Civil Engineering projects in and around river environments. 

NZ Herald article – Northland storm: Dam stops 300,000 cubic metres of water from flooding CBD

Kotuku Dam extension by Ian Macdonald

The opening of the Hopua te Nihotetea dam on Saturday, 9 April 2016.