NZDF Home Valley Ranges Remediation

This project as Contractor to NZ Defence Force in 2009 comprised the construction of environmental remediation works and range improvements to the NZ Army facilities at Taylors and Mannings Ranges in Waiouru

  • Construction of cut to fill earthworks on the Taylors Range over a height range of 35m metres (bottom of stream fill to top of cut). Total volume of earthworks approximately 32,000m3 including 22,000m3 of cut to structural fill 6,500m3 of removal of unsuitable/contaminated material and 3,000m3 of clay bunds and capping.
  • Construction of two major 1600mm culverts one 72m long and the second 9.6m in length. These were constructed under a stream bypass which involved the use of 6 150mm pumps to divert the stream flow of up to 450 l/sec around the works area
  • There were three significant retaining structures on this project which were gabion headwalls to the longer culvert which were 6m in height and approximately 16m long at the top. The other major retaining structure was a 6m high by 58m long green Terramesh wall to support the 50m ground baffle and target position on the Manning’s Range.
  • The major objective of the project was to construct a series of “Stop Butt – bullet Catchers” on the two ranges. These were formed on a precise 34 degree slope and consisted of a drainage layer (width 0.5 to 2m) and a coarse sand “bullet catcher” layer (width 1 to 1.5m). The height of the stop butts varied from 1.5 up to 10m vertical and these were the first of this type to be built in New Zealand