Rail Spiral Upgrade – Pureora Trail

We worked on this project for DOC in 2011 which involved the construction of a stream diversion to divert water from the spiral tunnel and then lining this with rock and geotextile. The rock was sourced from a local quarry and carted to site before being re-handled and placed in its final location. We managed to cart the spoil to an alternative disposal area (further away) which saved approximately 70% of the vegetation and regrowth on the nominated disposal area and thus presented a more natural outlook to bike path users The project involved the placement of two large 1600mm culverts and construction of some 450m of bike paths to underside of surfacing level house design and manufacture of a protection cage over the crew to ensure any rock blocks falling from the roof during drilling would not harm our crews. This was tested in the first week of operation and worked as intended. We installed some 185 rock bolts and mesh through most of the tunnel to protect future users against rock fall. Historical arches and sets from the original tunnel were also saved and reinstated to show how the tunnel would have looked in its original form.