Recent projects

  • Linton Watercourse and Stormwater Network Realignment

    In 2021 MAP Projects completed a swale diversion project for Linton Military Camp. The diversion was required to enable future vertical construction within the camp. Key to the project was the excavation and shaping of 400 metres of swale nearing five metres deep...

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  • Wairakei East Wetland (Pond G) Construction

    MAP Projects was engaged by Tauranga City Council to undertake the construction of stormwater swales and a wetlands area comprising of around 250,00m3 of earthworks and over two kilometres of access track. Culverts in four different locations were installed with a portion of the work, both earthworks and structures, undertaken below the water table.

    This is a large scale project that has run smoothly in consultation with the client and its representatives and where any design issues once encountered have been dealt with in a spirit of mutual cooperation with a view of delivering the best solution within the available budget

    The earthworks comprised of roughly 250,000m3 of sand and topsoil handled and reshaped with 10,000 m3 of fill area...

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  • Omokoroa Stormwater Pond and Earth Dam

    Completed in 2019, the Omokoroa SW Pond 02 for Western Bay of Plenty District Council involved construction of a 9m high by 80m long stormwater detention dam and levelling 5 ha of subdivision lots as the dam fill. The site was large, sloping and involved conditioning various types of soils to enable placing and compacting engineered fill for the Dam embankment and the Classic Builders residential subdivision. Approx...

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  • Kotuku Dam Hopua te Nihotetea

    MAP expertise in the Water and Hydro Projects saw us awarded the Kotuku Street Storm water Detention Dam in Whangarei for the Northland Regional Council. This project included the installation and concrete encasement of a 2100mm Service Spillway (Concrete Pipe). The facets of the project included some 120,000m3 of earthworks to compete a 20m high by 105m long Dam wall and almost 1300m3 of concrete placed to spillway, retaining wall, inlet and outlet structures...

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  • Flaxy canal widening

    Completed in 2012 this project for TrustPower in the Bay of Plenty involved the widening of the Flaxy Canal, with removal of silt and weeds to allow improved flows into the Power station head waters and increased generation. The work entailed:

    • ” Evacuation and cartage of some 35,000m3 of rock and OTR to stockpile sites. MAP developed a construction method as the ECI contractor and completed a small trial section to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the planned process...

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  • NZDF Ammunition Igloo Civil Works No 1

    This project in 2014 – 2015 for the New Zealand Defence Force entailed Civil Works for enabling new Ammunition Igloos being built at an NZDF Base. Stage 1 involved earthworks and 380 m of 7m wide access road completed in just 3 weeks. Stage 2 involved igloo filling, concrete paving slabs and completion of the service road...

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  • NZDF Ammunition Igloo Civil Works No 2

    This 2015-2016 Project was the second for the New Zealand Defence Force, gained on the strength of our successful project for them in 2014. This one involved the complete Civil works to augment the erection of two large Ammunition Igloos and the access roads to same. This project included ; some 25,000m3 of earthworks including a cutting up to 17m deep; the Supply and placement of upwards of 4000m3 crushed aggregate pavement and Building foundation; Specialist building and rock batter foundation work


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  • NZDF Home Valley Ranges Remediation

    This project as Contractor to NZ Defence Force in 2009 comprised the construction of environmental remediation works and range improvements to the NZ Army facilities at Taylors and Mannings Ranges in Waiouru

    • Construction of cut to fill earthworks on the Taylors Range over a height range of 35m metres (bottom of stream fill to top of cut). Total volume of earthworks approximately 32,000m3 including 22,000m3 of cut to structural fill 6,500m3 of removal of unsuitable/contaminated material and 3,000m3 of clay bunds and capping.
    • Construction of two major 1600mm culverts one 72m long and the second 9...

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  • Oroua River Stop bank Upgrade

    This project for Horizons Regional Council consisted of the upgrade of almost 3km of stopbanks along the Oroua River for flood control and mitigation. It included some 50,000m3 of earthworks to reconstruct and partial relocation of 4km of stopbank on the Oroua River. Appropriate material was cut from adjacent river edge and compacted to new design profile...

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