Samoa Refurbishment of Samasoni, Fale Ole Fee and Alaoa

MAP Projects workers installing piping

MAP expertise in the Water and Hydro Projects saw us awarded the $9.8M USD equivalent Hydro Rehabilitation project for Electric Power Company (Samoa) – Joint Venture with Pernix Group (49% MAP). MAP Provide all the key project management staff (with exception of Safety Officer), all the physical resources and employed the local work force. Pernix involvement was required to meet ADB turnover requirements for the tender. The three Hydro Schemes were all extensively damaged by Cyclone Evan in December 2012, and, with the exception of Alaoa, had not operated since. All three Facilities are run of river type, with intake weir, low pressure headrace/pipeline, headpond, penstock and impulse type turbines housed in a powerhouse. The works to be completed included:

  • A full replacement of the Samasoni Penstock (1300 to 1100mm GRP)
  • Replacement of sections of the Fale Ole Fee East, West and Main Penstocks (500mm to 700mm Steel)
  • Reconstruction to intakes on the Fale Ole Fee and Alaoa Schemes
  • Repair the Alaoa East Canal (50m3 Site batched Concrete 2.7km from access point)
  • Reinstatement of the Samasoni Head Pond
  • Installation of 3 new generators and Control Systems to Powerhouses

This is a great case study for the success of the MAP approach where the client had all sorts of issues with the Magiagi Village people prior to project commencement due to land disputes. MAP met with the local Matai’s (chiefs) and hired 45 work crew from the local villages and trained them to place concrete and lay large GRP Pipe. The locals are now extremely happy with the project and MAP staff are welcomed to lunch any given Sunday.