Mangatepopo Road Carpark Upgrade

This project in 2011 for the Department of Conservation involved the completion of the carpark at the entrance to the Tongariro Crossing. Works included:

  • Some minor cut to fill in Ash Clays, some 2500m3 of Cut to waste and 1200m3 of imported pumice fills. Geotextiles were used under the pavements and imported fills to help improve the very poor subgrades. The works were scheduled around vehicle movements in the carpark and savings were provided to client by using truck and trailer to move the spoil off site.
  • Extension of a 600mm culvert and the replacement of a number of 375mm culverts to redirect drainage to natural overland flow paths.
  • The project involved some 2000m2 of unsealed pavements, 1200m2 of AC pavements and 800m2 of two coat chip seal pavements. MAP complete all gravel pavement works and preparation for sealing and a Sub Contractor was used to complete the seal and AC Works