Ila Place Waste Water Treatment Tanks Upgrade

This 2014 – 2015 Project for Tauranga City Council consisted of the supply and installation of three 2.5m diameter by 29m fibreglass tanks, 240 m of sewer pipes and installation of eight concrete manholes, which showed MAPs temporary works design and sheetpile capabilities.

  • The work involved excavation and storage of some 2000m3 of material on the site. The temporary works involved the construction of a 40m by 12m wide sheetpile cofferdam with sheets being driven to 10m depth
  • Construction of 240m of 375mm trunk sewer in marine silts and depths up to 6m. All work was completed using trench shields and included road and stream crossings which were completed without incident. All pipe works were inspected by camera and approved for use without reworks
  • Supply and installation of 3 number 29m long by 2.5m diameter Maskell tanks. These were supplied in two halves and lowered in under the Waler bracing. The two halves were then fibreglass jointed and backfilled to 60% height with pea metal. The top sections of the tank were backfilled with selected excavated material to natural ground level
  • The works included placing new connections to the existing pump station, new control valves inside the wet well and electrical ducts for ultimate connection of the tank control valves (by others)