Kawetanga Murray – People and Wellbeing Manager

  • BCH

With Kawe having a Bachelors Degree in Community Health and Occupational Health along with being the only Maori women to hold this qualification in NZ currently, she is well set up to plan and deliver a sound Health and Safety focus at MAP Projects

Kawe has gained valuable experience in the Health and Safety field in the last few years and is familiar with aspects of keeping staff and the general public safe around our sites. With her history working in the health sector, Kawe also has the edge with effective communication, documentation and compliance with legislation. Another strength is her interest and familiarity with H&S software which is invaluable with MAPs drive towards use of iPads/iAuditor and QR codes to implement our safety systems on site.

Her positive, caring and confident manner is a winning mix and ensures that people engage with her and buy in to the message she is conveying. Her drive and positivity makes her ideal in this role.