Bets Lynch – Systems Manager

  • TQM

Bets has honed her abilities in Quality Assurance over the past 16 years. As an experienced Quality Manager, she has a wide range of in-depth QA experience, including overseeing compliance on construction sites, managing Quality Management Systems, and delivering as-built and close-out documentation for projects. Appointed to MAP Projects in September 2019, Bets is overseeing the drive to achieve ISO certification within the next year, and is the lead on Quality Assurance for construction projects.

In an earlier role as SHSEQ Manager (Shared Services) at the CSIR (SA), Bets inspected construction work, oversaw the monitoring and control of compliance with the relevant OHS Acts and construction regulations, and developed the total QMS in line with ISO requirements. Recently, as Quality Team Lead at Visionstream, Bets was responsible for quality control during the installation of fibre and copper communications infrastructure in Auckland. She performed on-site quality control over the installation process, including significant trench work in public environments.

Bets is an expert at overall risk management, including preventative and corrective management, trend analysis, and taking action to identify and mitigate risks. She is used to working on projects that have tight timelines and is great at maintaining attention to detail, even under pressure